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Address: 9/11 allée de l’Arche Courbevoie la Défense (92671), France
Company Register: Nanterre
Company number: 831 016 746
Publication Manager: Timothée HORQUIN (shopping center manager)
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Phone n°: +33 (0)1 53 64 00 00

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Company Name: SAS OVH
Address: 2 rue Kellermann – BP 80157 – 59100 Roubaix, France
Company Registry: Lille
Company number: 424 610 419

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You can access our personal data collection and processing policies, via our privacy policy, at the following address:

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TARGETSELECT SHOPPING France allow third parties to create hyperlinks to this website, on any support, provided said support is in compliance with French legislation and does not circulate political, religious, pornographic, xenophobic content or content that is contrary to standards of ethics. Any support that does not comply with these terms is not allowed to create a hyperlink to this website.
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TARGETSELECT SHOPPING France will not be liable, if a link included on the website redirect the web user to another website, for any information included on this other website, or in case of action, inaction, omission or negligence from this other website.

The web user must, before using any information, undertake any standard investigations.

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This Privacy Policy governs the collection and processing of personal data by Our company.

Our company’s legal information is as follows:

TARGETSELECT SHOPPING France, a sole partner joint stock company whose offices are 9/11 allée de l’Arche Courbevoie la Défense (92671), France, with a registered capital of 36 150 000 euros, registered at the Nanterre Company Register under number 831 016 746 (“We”, “Our”, “Us”).

While providing the Website, We may collect Personal Data.

The confidentiality of Personal Data is extremely important for Us. We have implemented rules and strict procedures to protect it, in compliance with applicable regulations and notably the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You must read this Privacy Policy regarding the use of Personal Data with care.
You are perfectly informed that any Personal Data which is provided and collected will be automatically processed.

In this Privacy Policy, the following definitions will apply to any term, which begins with a capital letter, in singular or plural:
· “Your”, “Yours”: you, internet user visiting the Website.
· “Personal Data”: the personal data that are collected and processed by Us when You visit the Website.
· “Privacy”: the present document.
· “Website”: the website, its components, as well as any support of the website such as a mobile application.

This Privacy Policy governs the collection, processing and divulgation of Personal Data by Our company, when You use the Website. It also informs You of Your rights on Personal Data.
You must read the full Privacy Policy and accept it without reservation if You use Our contact form.
This acceptation will be expressed by ticking a box, while using the contact form on the Website, or by accepting cookies while using the Website.
Ticking this box will have the same value as a written signature.
We have the right to change the Privacy Policy at any moment, by publishing a new version on the Website.
The Website may include links to third party websites. These websites may have a different privacy policy and We will not be liable for it.

We may collect Your Personal Data in various manners:
· When You fill a form on the Website (contact form);
· When You browse the Website;
· When You contact Us.

We may collect and process the following Personal Data, if it has been provided by You:
· Your contact information and personal information (name and first name, email, phone number) while using the Website or in case of email exchange;
· Your message when using the contact form on the Website or in case of email exchange;
· Detail of Your use of the Website, with cookies (quantity of received data, viewed pages, actions on the Website, Website access method).

The Personal Data allow us to reply to Your questions and to develop the Website.

We may use the following cookies on the Website;
· Internal cookies with the following object:
• Obtaining audience statistics (visits, pages viewed) in order to follow and upgrade the Website and its services. You may refuse them by emptying Your cache, as these cookies are not mandatory for the Website to function.
• Adapt the presentation of the Website to Your terminal. You may refuse them by emptying Your cache, as these cookies are not mandatory for the Website to function.

· An external cookie that registers the language choice ( made by the web user until their next visit. This technical cookie expires after one (1) month.

· Third party cookies with the following object:
• Google Analytics ( These cookies allow Us to collect audience statistics. Google Analytics collects the location of visit (country, city), the time of visit, number of visits as well as preferences of the web user (terminal, browser…). Google Analytics cookies have a standard two (2) year duration and expire at the end of this period. Google Analytics records the IP address of users by hiding the last two (2) numbers of the address, for anonymity purposes.
• Allow to create links on social networks such as Facebook ( and Instagram ( These cookies allow You to access our social network pages. They may be refused as they are not mandatory for the Website to function.

You may refuse the cookies as follows:
· By deleting them on the browser, as follows:
• Google Chrome:
• Internet Explorer:
• Mozilla Firefox:
• Safari:

Technical cookies cannot be refused as they are necessary to provide the Website.

These cookies will be installed for a maximum period of thirteen (13) months, with the exception of the Google Analytics cookies which will remain installed for two (2) years.

Personal Data are collected and processed in order for Us to:
· Provide access to the Website,
· Provide You information, by responding to Your email, following Your contact request,
· Provide a personalized experience to You (adapting the Website display to Your terminal),
· Manage Your use of the Website,
· Develop the Website,
· Provide support to Your use of the Website.

Personal Data will be hosted in the European Union, by a provider who complies with the applicable regulation regarding computer safety.
No data will be transferred outside of the European Union.

Personal Data will never be transferred to a third party without Your prior agreement, unless We are legally obliged to do so.

The company which is hosting our Website may have access to Your Personal Data as it hosts our Website, where this Personal Data circulate. Its legal information are as follows:
Company Name: SAS OVH
Address: 2 rue Kellermann – BP 80157 – 59100 Roubaix, France
Company Register: Lille
Company Number: 424 610 419

Our Website have agreed to comply with their legal and regulatory obligations regarding personal data.
Personal Data may be provided to any administrative entity who requests it, or in full compliance of the legal or court ruling.

We ensure that Personal Data is hosted in compliance with industry standards.
We will comply with regulations regarding Personal Data security.
We ensure that our employees and providers who may process Personal Data have a sufficient confidentiality obligation.
In case of Personal Data breach, We will inform You, as soon as practicable.
We will delete all Personal Data at the latest one (1) year after collection, unless it is needed for Our accounting or to comply with our legal obligations.

In compliance with the Law on Computer Technology and Freedom and the GDPR, You have the following rights on all Personal Data provided to Us:
• Access right.
• Rectification and modification right.
• Limitation right.
• Opposition right.
• Portability right.

Such rights may be exerted by contacting Us at the following contact address:
In compliance with its legal obligations, We will reply within one (1) month from reception of the request.

The Privacy Policy is governed by French law.
This Privacy Policy is written in English, but the French version will have superior value.
You may contact CNIL for any dispute regarding the execution or interpretation of this Privacy Policy, which has not been amicably resolved.
Any dispute may also be submitted to the competent tribunal under the Strasbourg Appeal Court, including in case of interim order, warranty recourse, or multiple parties, regardless of Your origin country.